Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes

artist's desk

When I see interesting items, I often ask myself, “How is it made?” I am definitely not alone in this, so I decided to open the door to my ceramics studio. The creation of the finished product is preceded by conceptual and design works, the production of a prototype, corrections and further tests. Depending on the technique of work, the process differs. Drawing is very important to me. When an image of an object appears in my imagination, I sketch it. This is a time when I ask myself questions about the shape, ergonomics of the object and of course, its aesthetics. Technical questions often arise and the shape evolves. Sometimes an idea comes up on paper when I just run the line and look where it takes me.

Rarely I just walk into the studio and go to work. Design is a lot of fun, but most ideas are forgotten. From several dozen sketches, I choose one or two and then I start designing in detail, taking into account the target dimensions.

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